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Costume_Nero_Mask | Costume: Angel's Masquerade

Описание предмета
A golden mask which is rumored to belong to the goddess of water.
Type : Costume Def : 0
Position : Middle Weight : 0
Required Level : 1
Job : All
A golden mask rumored to be worn by some ancient Goddess.
This can be exchanged with [Designer Heidam] for enchantment stones that are used to enchant other kitcoin costume items.
Bring this to [Aver De Dosh] in Malangdo at the building location 115 150 to enchant your Kitcoin costume item on slot 1.
Class : Costume
Defense : 0
Location : Middle
Weight : 0
Required Level : 1
Job : All jobs
Тип Неизвестный тип
Класс Не определен

Вес 0
Требуемый уровень 1
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